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With hundreds of rotomolding processing equipment, the company provides one-stop rotomolding services from raw materials, rotomolding molds and product processing.

30 years of industry experience , China's early rotomolding mold, rotomolding products processing enterprises.

The pre-production to post-processing is an elite manufacturing team with 10 years of work experience!

A one-on-one service from a senior business team to respond quickly and handle all types of after-sales issues!

Experience in engineering agricultural machinery, box containers, military equipment, amusement toys, clean and environmental protection, home gardening and other industries.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2012 London Olympic Games, Xugong Group, FAW Group, Yamaha, Bomag and other quality partners.

China Rotomolding Mould East China R & D Center

Deputy Director of China National Standardization Association Rotational Plastics Technical Committee

Executive Deputy Director of China Plastics Association Rotational Plastics Committee

Hydraulic Tank

Emulsified Fuel Tank

Urea Tank

Engineering Water Tank

Anti-collision Board

Carrying Box

Sewage Lifting Box

Sewage Tank

Sewage Treatment Tank

Inspection Well

Mobile Toilet

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Pesticide Box

Pesticide Box 2

Pesticide Box 3

Harvester Plastic Parts

Cotton Picker Accessories

Agricultural Vehicle Roof

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Mobile Toilet

Floor Washing Machine

Sewage Treatment Tank

Clean The Casing

Tilting Bucket

Trash Can

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Amusement Bend


Rocking Horse

Children's Car

Children's Table And Chairs

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Blood Transfusion Box

Hot-water Bucket

Cooler Box

Display Box

Weapon Box

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ATV Tail Box

Rotomolding Tank

Car Intake Pipe

Motorized Fuel Tank

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Baby Cot

Fish Pond

Beach Chair

Flower Pot

Children's Table and Chairs

Pier Chair

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Missile Box

Command Table

Camping Dining Box

Weapon Box

Military Instrument Box

Military Box

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Ice Machine Liner

Rotational Tray


Hotel Delivery Car

Rotomolding Car Shell

Bus Seat

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Cleaning Box Mould

Smart Water Tank

Air Conditioner Cover Mould

Boat Mould

Fuel Tank Water Tank Mould

Floating Body Imitation

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  Founded in 1999, Shanghai Chunxu Mould Industry Co., Ltd. is an early-stage rotomolding mold and rotomolding product processing manufacturer. It is the executive deputy director of the first China Rotational Plastics Association...        More>>

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        The rotomolding process is a thermoplastic hollow molding method, in which a powder or paste material is first injected into a mold, and the material is uniformly filled by gravity and centrifugal force by heating the mold and rolling in the longitudinal direction. The mold cavity is melted, molded into a desired shape, and then cooled to form a hollow product.

        Compared to other plastic molding processes, the rotational molding process has the following advantages:

        ① the mold is simple, low cost, suitable for molding large plastic products.

        ② suitable for the production of a variety of plastic products, rotomolding process has greater flexibility than other molding methods.

        ③ suitable for molding products with complex shapes.

        ④ saving raw materials. Rotational molding adds the raw materials directly into the mold each time, and after the molding is completed, the next required raw materials are added. It does not waste raw materials and does not require time to clean the machine and mold.

        ⑤ the product wall thickness is uniform, no seams. The rotomoulded product has a uniform wall thickness compared to other plastic molding processes. Because of the integral molding, the product has no fusion line.

        ⑥ the product has no residual stress and is not easy to deform.

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