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What are the characteristics of rotomolding processing

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Rotational molding, also known as rotational molding, rotary molding, rotary molding, is a thermoplastic hollow molding method

Rotomolding forming, also known as rotational forming, rotary forming and rotary forming, is a hollow forming method of thermoplastic. The rotomolding process is mainly divided into two steps: first, the plastic raw materials are added into the mold, and then the mold rotates along the two vertical axes and heats them. The plastic raw materials in the mold are coated and melted evenly and adhered to the whole surface of the mold cavity under the action of gravity and heat energy, forming the required shape.
The processing characteristics of the preformed rotomolding aluminum film are as follows:
First,it can be molded directly into complex shapes (such as some reinforced plastic products which need to make two parts respectively in advance and then combine by hand) and into large hollow parts.
Second,heating and hardening can be used to prepare products conveniently, so as to shorten the molding cycle of reinforced plastic products and ensure the stability of product quality.
Three, it is convenient to place the inserts in the workpieces and apply glue to the workpieces.
Four, in the whole process, only the raw materials and products need to be added and taken out manually. The molding process is carried out in a closed mold, and there is no harmful gas such as styrene and glass fiber flying to minimize the harm to human body.
Notes on the processing technology of rotomolding aluminum film
1. The process preparation is concise and the expression is detailed, and the processing content is expressed numerically as much as possible;
2. In the key and difficult points of processing, the process shall be specially emphasized;
3. Where combined processing is required, the process shall be clearly expressed;
4. When the insert needs to be processed separately, pay attention to the process requirements of processing accuracy;
5. After combined processing, for the insert parts that need to be processed separately by the rolling machine, the benchmark requirements for process installation and separate processing during combined processing.
6. The spring is the most easy to be damaged in mold processing, so the durable mold spring should be selected.

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