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Quality is the life of an enterprise

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Quality is the life of an enterprise, the soul of enterprise development and the core of competition. Quality is related to the profitability

Quality is the life of an enterprise, the soul of its development and the core of its competition. Quality is related to the profit of the enterprise, the survival and development of the enterprise, and the life and death of the enterprise; it is also related to the customer's understanding of the company. Only by continuously improving the quality of our products, can the customer improve their recognition of our enterprise, and only in this way, can our enterprise develop stably for a long time.
On August 14, 2017, Chunxu group held a production quality meeting, in which all production, technology, market, quality control and other departments of the group participated. The meeting mainly put forward some problems in work production and suggestions for the next work. The heads of relevant departments made statements and stated that they would strive to improve the working attitude and technical level of the Department's personnel, and strive to make products with excellent quality and recognized by customers.
In today's highly developed social economy, the concepts of "quality is benefit" and "quality is life" are deeply rooted in every enterprise, and any product must undergo the merciless test of the market. "Today's quality" is "tomorrow's market". Only by using qualified product quality to meet the needs of consumers, it is possible to continuously expand market share and create better benefits. In the past 20 years, our company has been the industry leader in the customer account, but in the near future, why does the product quality fail to meet the customer's requirements? Some employees may think that a few defective rates and unexpected defects are inevitable, but the avoidable problems can be solved through our efforts. Only in every link of the production process, in strict accordance with the requirements of the production process and operation instructions, can the quality of the products be guaranteed.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. In the development process of an enterprise, different emphasis and positioning on quality will lead to different effects. It's like a person climbing stairs. If he takes six floors as the goal and twelve floors as the goal respectively, his fatigue state will appear differently sooner or later. According to Carnegie, a famous writer, when you set your goal at the 12th floor, your fatigue will appear later. When you climb to the 6th floor, your subconscious will hint that you can't be tired now. So you have courage to go up here, the self suggestion brought by the high and low goals almost directly determines the power of your behavior. In fact, in the process of enterprise growth, almost all the time in "climbing the quality building", which requires a firm and solid goal and positioning, only in this way, can we ensure that we will not give up halfway.
Quality is produced by our staff, not by inspection. In order to produce high quality products, we need to work together. Employees are the front line informers of product quality. Familiar with every detail of every link of product production, strengthen the control of every key point. One entrepreneur once said that the best reason for product quality is that only 10% of products depend on technology and the rest 90% depend on attitude. It can be seen that only when our attitude towards product quality remains unchanged, can our products stand out in the fierce competition.
As a leading enterprise in the rotomolding industry, our products now involve more and more industries, and our customers are more and more, but "quality produces benefits, and quality wins the market" is our constant core competitiveness, and we believe that our enterprise will always be invincible if we work together.
Quality is the life of an enterprise
Chunxu group held a production quality meeting
Quality is the life of an enterprise
Chunxu leadership to take the lead in destroying defective products warning product quality is the first element of enterprise survival

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