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Donation to worker's family with breast disease

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InMay2017,thewifeofthegroup'smoldproductiondepartmentwasdiagnosedwithbreastdisease,requiringhugemedicalexpensesfortreatment,whichisjustbadnewsforfamilieswhoonlyrelyonwagestosurvive. Diseasehavenoemotion,butpeopledo.OnMay17,theLogisticsDepartmentofthegroupsentoutalovedonationproposalafterhavingadeepunderstandingofthesituation.ItcalledontheGroupemployeestolendtheirhandsandlovetogethertoraisemoneyforthemandhelpthemthroughthedifficultiesasmuchastheycould.Soonafterthecallwassent,itwaspositivelyrespondedbyalltheemployees.Thestaffproposedthatadonationconferencebeheldintheafternoonofthesameday,andeveryonegavegenerously.Withinafewhours,thegeneralmanager'sofficeofthecompanyreceivedadonationof10150RMB,whichwasdeliveredtotheemployeebythegroupleaderonthesameday,andthesincereblessingofallemployeeswasalsosent. Atrickleofwatermakesariver.Onceagain,wewouldliketothankeveryemployeeofthegroupfortheirloveandblessing.Althoughthepaymentisadropinthebucketfordiseasetreatment,itreflectsthewarmthandfamilyaffectionofChunxugroup.

In May 2017, the wife of the group's mold production department was diagnosed with breast disease, requiring huge medical expenses for treatment, which is just bad news for families who only rely on wages to survive.
Disease have no emotion,but people do. On May 17, the Logistics Department of the group sent out a love donation proposal after having a deep understanding of the situation. It called on the Group employees to lend their hands and love together to raise money for them and help them through the difficulties as much as they could. Soon after the call was sent, it was positively responded by all the employees. The staff proposed that a donation conference be held in the afternoon of the same day, and everyone gave generously. Within a few hours, the general manager's office of the company received a donation of 10150 RMB, which was delivered to the employee by the group leader on the same day, and the sincere blessing of all employees was also sent.
A trickle of water makes a river. Once again, we would like to thank every employee of the group for their love and blessing. Although the payment is a drop in the bucket for disease treatment, it reflects the warmth and family affection of Chunxu group.
Illness heartless people love spring xu warm heart donation
Illness heartless people love spring xu warm heart donation

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