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Chunxu Mould Industry Co., Ltd. and the Olympic Games

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One world, One Dream, One Word, One Dream : in the carpet of flowers in May, in the preparation of the final year

Chunxu mold industry co., ltd. and the Olympic Games a brilliant total


One word, one dream: in this colorful may, in the decisive year of preparing for the Olympic Games, Chunxu group, with its absolute strength, ushered in the golden opportunity for cooperation in the Olympic Games. It was successfully approved to be the manufacturer of the special festival drum for the 2008 Olympic Games and the special flying saucer chair for the Olympic coach and other projects, and it is the leader in the manufacturing industry of China's rotomolding.
The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is about to open. As the whole nation is preparing for the Olympic Games, Chunxu group is also preparing for the final sprint. Huang quanchun, chairman of our company, went to Beijing in person and went to the installation site of the Olympic drum with Liu tie, an engineer of the Olympic Committee, to inspect and guide each other. At present, the installation work has been basically completed.
This once-in-a-century event has given us honor and opportunity. We are doing all kinds of work to contribute to the Beijing Olympic Games!

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