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Lianyungang Chunxu Brach Opening Ceremony

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As an early domestic manufacturer of rotomolding mold and products, Shanghai Chunxu group has always implemented the quality policy of "quality first, meet the needs of users", adhered to the enterprise spirit of "market-oriented, quality as life, science and technology as power, reputation as fundamental purpose", relied on scientific and technological progress and strict management, and led by Chairman Huang quanchun With the joint efforts of all the leaders and all the employees, we will serve the new and old customers with more diversified products, better quality and better service. With the strong support of the customers and leaders at all levels, Shanghai Chunxu Group Lianyungang Chunxu roll Molding Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held a grand opening ceremony on April 3, 2018!
Unconsciously, Chunxu group has been in the rotomolding industry for moer than 20 years. At present, the group owns Shanghai Chunxu Mold Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chunyang rolling products Co., Ltd. and Lianyungang Chunxu Rotomolding Technology Co., Ltd. the company has developed into an all-round rotomolding industry chain from product raw materials to product design, mold to product processing. The company has developed from the first few people to a large-scale rotomolding enterprise with a total number of about 500 people, which is inseparable from the correct guidance and hard-working spirit of chairman Huang quanchun, as well as the help and support of friends from all walks of life.
At present, the company mainly produces all kinds of rotomolding molds and OEM products. The products are widely used in military, environmental protection, medical treatment, transportation, amusement, machinery, horticulture, agriculture, engineering and other industries. The products are all over the world. Welcome customers at home and abroad to visit.
Lianyungang chunxu grand opening opened a new era of rolling plastic industry
Lianyungang chunxu grand opening opened a new era of rolling plastic industry
Lianyungang chunxu grand opening opened a new era of rolling plastic industry


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