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Warmly celebrate that Shanghai Chunxu won the "2017 most influential Rotomolding Enterprise Award"

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On April 18, the fourth and 2018 international annual Rotomolding conference of the rotomolding Professional Committee of China Plastics Association was held in Xiamen. On the same day, the conference also held the China International rotomolding forming forum, which invited a number of international and domestic experts and scholars to discuss the theory and technology of rotomolding forming processing. Ms. Huang Yang, general manager of Shanghai Chunxu, was invited to attend the meeting.
Warmly celebrate that Shanghai chunxu won the
Rotomolding forming is an important part of plastic processing industry technology, and it is also the main process of manufacturing various hollow plastic products. After more than 20 years of development, China's rotomolding industry has gradually matured its technology, with the advantages of low cost of processing molds, good edge strength of products, full closed products that can be inlaid and filled with complex shapes, and super thick, ultra-thin and super large special plastic products, which are widely used in special industries and personalized design industries, both for culture, sports and daily necessities And other people's livelihood industries provide rich and colorful consumer goods, as well as rotomolding industrial products with special requirements for social engineering, traffic engineering, water conservancy and water affairs, chemical, textile and military engineering.
As a basic industry of national economy, China's plastic product output in 2017 was 73.878 million tons, up 7.4% year-on-year, realizing a total industrial output value of 2.09 trillion yuan; the export volume reached 16.0753 million tons, up 6.42% year-on-year, and the export volume was 60.434 billion US dollars, up 6.09% year-on-year. Although the plastic industry is in the ascendant, new problems such as enterprise transformation or bankruptcy, rapid shrinkage of the inspection well market and so on appear in the rotomolding plastic industry, especially the foreign enterprises speed up to enter the Chinese market, and the competition is increasingly fierce.
Therefore, it is imperative to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the rotomolding industry. By studying the key common technology, cutting-edge technology, major technology and the characteristics of rotomolding industry, industrial development mode, product and market classification, industrial pattern, enterprise profit mode, industrial division of labor and other issues in the development of rotomolding industry, China International rotomolding industry forum has made clear the future development direction of the rotomolding industry, such as the application of fine rotomolding technology in military industry and automobile industry.
Founded in 1999, Shanghai Chunxu Mould Industry Co., Ltd. is an OEM manufacturer of early rotomolding moulds and products. It is the first board member of China rotomolding mould association and many members of international rotomolding mould association. At present, the company has nearly 100 rotomolding mould production equipment, which are widely used in military, environmental protection, medical treatment, transportation, recreation, machinery, horticulture, agriculture, engineering and other industries, The product quality is well received by customers at home and abroad.


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