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Maintenance of PE plastic water tank in summer

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  The capacity of PE material rotomolding plastic one-time forming domestic water tank is relatively large. The traditional reinforced concrete water tank is well replaced. Its self weight is relatively light, and it also has a very large strength. PE plastic domestic water tank is made of brand-new imported food grade LLDPE polyethylene. The roll molding process is introduced. When the production is carried out, the spin molding is formed once.

  PE rotomolding plastic one-time forming domestic water tank is not only simple to install, but also relatively low in cost, long in service life and beautiful in shape, so it is a better choice for water storage and supply equipment.

  Summer is coming. In the hot summer, the temperature is relatively high and the sunlight is relatively strong. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the plastic water tank. Because the plastic bucket will bleach under the direct sunlight, and the high temperature will also make the plastic soft, which will affect the strength of the plastic water tank. At the same time, the liquid stored in the water tank will also be affected. Therefore, in the summer, the plastic water tank is a big challenge. Although PE plastic water tank has a certain anti-oxidation capacity, compared with ordinary plastic barrel, its service life is longer, but there is still aging phenomenon.

  Therefore, when installing PE plastic water tank, you should pay attention not to place the water tank in the direct sunlight, but also to have a cool and ventilated environment. In summer, you should also pay attention to setting a ring of protective cover around the plastic water tank. This protective cover can not only prevent the plastic water tank from becoming soft due to the increase of temperature in summer, but also prevent the plastic water tank from frost cracking due to the cold temperature in winter. In summer, the plastic water tank should also pay attention to regular inspection and cleaning. Summer is also a breeding season for algae. Regular cleaning can greatly reduce the growth of aquatic algae plants and extend the service life of the plastic water tank.


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