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Advantages and disadvantages of rotomolding plastic steel mold and aluminum mold

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We all know the technology of rotomolding, and the application field of rotomolding is very wide. Now we can use rotomolding products in many aspects, but we all know that we need mold to make rotomolding products. Whether the steel plate mold or aluminum mold is good when we make rotomolding products? I think it depends on the product decision. Let's talk about it next.
Compared with the rotomolding aluminum mold, which one is more suitable for the rotomolding forming process is always a controversial topic in the rotomolding industry. In this regard, I think it is a meaningless dispute. If there is really a result, I think that the answer is for the mold manufacturer, not an objective and correct result. Maybe someone asked, is it aluminum mold or steel mold? I can only say, for example, if you want to buy a pair of shoes, do you think it's better to have sports shoes or leather shoes? Of course, only suitable for ourselves is the best, according to personal preferences or use we will choose different types of shoes. So the debate on the superiority of rotomolding steel mould and aluminum mould can be concluded. It seems that there is only one answer, as long as it is suitable, it is the best. Therefore, at the beginning of mold development, your objective and correct rational choice is the most important.
However, at the beginning of the development of rotomolding products, we still need to carefully consider which type of rotomolding mould to choose according to the characteristics of the products to be developed, which is very important. Here we provide some knowledges about rotomolding steel mould and aluminum mould for your reference.
Advantages and disadvantages of rotomolding aluminum mold:
In terms of manufacturing technology, the rotomolding aluminum mold is divided into cast aluminum mold and aluminum plate carving mold. The former is a traditional process, and the process flow is roughly as follows: drawing → wood mold making → resin mold → casting → finishing. The latter is the product of the digital era. It has the advantages of beauty and accuracy in size through the one-time forming of the CNC machining center. The disadvantage is that there is a requirement for the volume of the mold, and it is unable to make large-scale rotomolding mold. cast aluminum mold and aluminum plate carving mold are made of aluminum casting or aluminum alloy. Theoretically, due to the good thermal conductivity of aluminum, the rotomolding aluminum mold should have better heat transfer in the process of forming and saving energy. However, due to the strength of aluminum, the average thickness of the rotomolding aluminum mold is more than 10 mm. Therefore, the advantages of the rotomolding aluminum mold are greatly reduced. On the contrary, compared with the rotomolding aluminum mold, the rotomolding aluminum mold should have compared with steel plate mold, rotomolding cycle is relatively longer. In addition, due to the increase of the thickness of the aluminum mold, the overall weight of the mold is too large, which causes a certain burden on the rotomolding opportunities. Moreover, due to the characteristics of aluminum, the maintenance of rotomolding aluminum mold is a more troublesome thing.
Compared with aluminum molds, the development history of steel molds is much later. It is evolved from automobile sheet metal mold technology, and the technology is not mature, which is one of the reasons why the rotomolding steel plate mold is not favored by the industry. However, the rotomolding steel plate mold has many advantages that the rotomolding aluminum mold does not have.
1. Price advantage: In addition to extremely small rotomolding molds, if medium-sized molds are made of steel molds, mold costs can be saved by at least one-third.
2. Compared with aluminum mold, steel mold is easy to modify and maintain, and easy to maintain.
3. Using the steel plate mold, because the wall thickness of the steel plate mold is only 2.5 or 3.0mm, the melting time of the powder will be shortened and the energy consumption will be reduced to a certain extent during the rotomolding forming process.
4. The traditional technology and numerical control technology can be used to make precise rotomolding mold. In the rotomolding industry, steel plate mold is widely used. I think, with the development of rotomolding technology and practitioners in this industry, the application of steel plate mold is quite extensive. I think, with the development of rotomolding forming technology and the improvement of employees' understanding of rotomolding forming steel plate mold, the application of steel plate mold will usher in a new demand climax.


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