Chunxu Mold Industry Co., Ltd. and the Olympic Games were brilliant

Number of visits: Date:2008-04-14
  One World, One Dream (One Word, One Dream): In this flourishing May, in preparation for the Olympic Games in the battle of the year, Chunxu Group with absolute strength ushered in the Olympic Games a golden opportunity for cooperation, was Successfully approved to become the 2008 Olympic Games special festival drums and Olympic coaches dedicated flying saucer chairs and other projects of professional manufacturers, in China's rotomolding manufacturing industry come out on top.
  The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is about to open, in the national people for the Olympic Games actively preparing for the occasion, Chunxu Group is also doing the final sprint preparation, our chairman Huang Quanchun personally went to Beijing, and with the Olympic Committee engineer Mr. Liu Tie Olympic festivals drum installation site inspection guidance, mutual exchange, the current installation work has been basically completed.
  This is a rare event, gave us the honor, but also gave us the opportunity, we do everything at all to do the work for the Beijing Olympic Games contribution to the power of Chunxu!

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