The sickness of the infuriating people love the heart of the donation warm heart

Number of visits: Date:2017-05-18
  In May 2017, the staff of the Group's mold production department was diagnosed with breast disease and needed huge medical expenses for treatment. This was simply a thunderbolt for families living alone.
  May 17, the Group Logistics Department in-depth understanding of the situation after the issue of love donation proposal, called on the group of employees to extend their support and dedication for their fundraising, can help to weather the storm, call to issue And soon received a positive response from all staff, proposed by the staff, held in the afternoon donation of the General Assembly, we have generous, you 100, I 200, just a few hours the company will receive a total of 10150 yuan, The day by the group leaders will personally pay all the money donated to the hands of the staff, while sending all the staff the most sincere blessing.
  Trickle, sink into Jianghai. We once again thank each group of staff love and blessing, although the money for the treatment of the disease drop in the bucket, but one by one reflect the spring family of the family warm and family.

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