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Urea Tank

Urea Tank

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  The urea tank is a urea storage tank, also known as a urea tank. The tank contains urea solution, which is mainly used for trucks and buses. Its characteristics are as follows:

  1. It adopts newly imported anti-urea corrosion-resistant polyethylene material, which has strong chemical resistance and excellent corrosion resistance to various acids and alkalis.

  2. Urea box made of imported polyethylene material, light and tough, has excellent impact resistance and mechanical properties, is not easy to break, shockproof, impact resistant, easy to install and handle.

  3. Rotomolding technology is integrated, no joints, no gaps, no leakage, very economical and durable, and high utilization rate.

  4. The shape of the line is smooth and beautiful, not easy to be dirty, and the dirt can be easily removed.

  5. Good heat resistance and frost resistance.

  6. Strong plasticity: Rotational molding can be made into a complex shaped urea tank, making full use of the available space on the vehicle and improving vehicle usage.


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