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In June 2009 by General Electric (China) limited medical group (hereinafter referred to as "GE") and [Chun Xu] Shanghai Mould Industry Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "[spring] Xu", and GE is referred to as the "parties") together to achieve cooperation.
In 2008, Shanghai Chunxu Group and Siemens subsidiary, the Australian water treatment company established a long-term cooperative partnership.
2006 Chunxu Group and the world's top 10 construction machinery giant, one of China's top 500 enterprises XCMG established a long-term stable supplier relations, to provide compressor water tanks, fuel tanks and other important accessories.
In 2006, our company successfully joined the global procurement system of Bomag (China) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and has offices in Germany, the United States, Japan, Canada and other countries and regions.
2008 Beijing Olympic Games, I Division for the Olympic Games to provide a large number of rotomolding products, is located in the Olympic theme park, the product name for the Olympic Games auspicious drum lights and flying saucer seats.
In 2010, we are very honored to be able to contribute to the World Expo with our strength, the successful completion of the Madrid Museum hollow tree project all the furniture manufacturing, we are the only one with the World Expo Madrid Museum of rotomolding manufacturers.
The end of 2009, I Division and Changchun FAW co-operation to discuss the urea tank project. The project is a new challenge for the automotive industry.
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