• name: Military box

  Rotten military military box Features:
  ① products for the use of rotomoulding process a molding, light weight, good watertight, high and low temperature resistance, impact resistance.
  ② special process to form the corner of the product than the surface thickness of 15% -20%, proved that the material utilization efficiency is high, in essence, and other bags of the difference, anti-drop performance is very good, low temperature -55 ℃ can meet the safety standards fall requirements The
  ③ good air tightness, high toughness, high resilience of the box to ensure that the box is not permanently deformed, "airbag" for the items to provide a good protection, waterproof, moisture, dust and so on.
  ④ product color is the color of the material itself, inside and outside the same, never fade.
  ⑤ from the box material to the hardware, corrosion-resistant, can be shipped to the world any low temperature -55 ℃, high temperature 70 ℃ place.
  ⑥ anti-acid and alkali, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, good sealing, protective equipment from chemical corrosion.
  ⑦ environmental protection, recyclable.
  ⑧ maintenance and simple maintenance, long service life, comprehensive use of cost-effective.
  ⑨ inside the box: positioning foam plastic cushioning system, vibration, vibration conditions to ensure the safe and reliable carrier.