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Water Facilities

Product Details

  The rotomolding float is made by a rotomolding process. The floating body is an object such as a floating board. On the mud surface or the water surface, the land equipment cannot be operated, and it can only be installed on an object such as a "floating body". With the buoyancy of the liquid, the floating body can be used on the surface of the water. Or work on the mud.

  Rotomolding float advantages:

  1. It is made of imported materials and is resistant to impact.

  2, good toughness, strong resistance to environmental stress cracking, suitable for construction at sea and lake.

  3, light weight, strong wear resistance, easy to install and transport, low transportation transfer costs.

  4, corrosion resistance, strong weather resistance, long life, is 3 times the life of steel floats.

  5, assembly is simple, fast, flexible, and diverse.