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Mobile Toilet

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Key words:

rotational molding


Sewage treatment

Product Details

  Rotomolding mobile toilets are named for their mobility, which is opposite to traditional stationary toilets! Compared with traditional toilets, the advantages are very obvious! The mobile toilet is not restricted by any working environment, and the exterior structure is light and the color is reasonable.

  The mobile toilet is integrally molded by a rotomolding process and has the following advantages:

  1. It adopts imported materials, is resistant to ultraviolet rays, and is not easy to fade and age.

  2. One-piece molding, impact resistant, not easy to break.

  3. It can make imitation wood grain and marble effect, beautiful and generous.

  4. Movable, thus avoiding the waste of resources caused by house demolition.

  5. Various treatment methods can be adopted according to the restrictions of the use environment.

  6. The floor space is small. Compared with the traditional toilets, the mobile toilets have greatly saved the land area, which just caters to the current situation of land shortage!