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Emulsified Fuel Tank

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Product Details

  The emulsified fuel tank is a plastic tank for storing emulsions and has the following advantages:

  1. Compared with the metal fuel tank, the plastic box is light in weight and has no rusting troubles.

  2. It is integrally molded by rotomolding process, without bonding, no gap, no welding, and is not easy to leak.

  3. Made of imported polyethylene material, it has excellent impact resistance and mechanical properties and is not easy to break.

  4. The emulsified fuel tank made by the rotomolding process has a very plastic shape and can effectively save space.

  5. The shape of the box is beautiful and not easy to be dirty, and the dirt can be easily removed. At the same time, it is anti-static, anti-corrosion, shock-proof, economical and durable, and the re-utilization rate is very high, and the relative service life is longer.