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Engineering Water Tank

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Construction Machinery

Product Details

  The engineering water tank is a water tank that is loaded on construction machinery equipment. The engineering machinery tank is a cooling system. The function of the cooling system is to take away the heat generated by the engine and keep the engine within the normal operating temperature range.

  The rotomolding engineering water tank is a water tank integrally formed by rotomolding process. Its remarkable features are as follows:

  1. The engineering water tank made by the rotomolding process has high utilization rate of materials and is effective in cost saving.

  2. The water tank is formed by one-time rotomolding process, which is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion, wear and tear, easy to clean, and good in airtightness, which can protect the liquid inside the tank from pollution.

  3. The mechanical performance of the water tank is practical. Made of imported polyethylene raw materials, the rotomolding engineering water tank not only has good air tightness, but also high toughness and high resilience characteristics. It has excellent impact resistance and can ensure that the water tank does not deform or crack.

  4. Strong plasticity and random shape. Various shapes can be set according to the structure of the equipment used in the product, and various inserts can be placed.

  5. Simple maintenance, easy to clean and long service life.