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Carrying Box

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Product Details

  The carrying case is also called load-bearing box, engineering machinery carrying box, which is mainly suitable for carrying the ideal carrier of high-grade instrument and meter. The advantages of rotomolding load box are as follows:

  1. It is integrally molded by rotomolding process, with firm structure and beautiful appearance. The load-bearing box made of imported polyethylene raw material has high toughness and high resilience characteristics, and has excellent impact resistance, which can ensure that the carrying case does not deform under impact.

  2. Strong plasticity and random shape. Various shapes can be set according to the structure of the equipment used in the product, and various inserts can be placed.

  3. Light weight, good sealing, can protect the contents of the box from pollution.

  4. Simple maintenance, easy to clean, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant and long service life.