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Diesel Tank

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Product Details

  The rotomolded diesel fuel tank is a tank container for storing diesel fuel, and is a fuel tank integrally formed by a rotational molding process. Used in diesel engines or other mechanical equipment that uses diesel.

  Rotomolded diesel fuel tanks have the following distinctive features:

  1. Achieve the goal of lightweight cabinets.

  2. One-piece molding, no bonding, seamless, no welding, impact resistance, no leakage, not easy to break.

  3. It has strong plasticity and random shape, which effectively saves chassis space.

  4. The plastic fuel tank is made of high molecular weight polyethylene material, which has low thermal conductivity, elasticity and rigidity. It has excellent impact resistance and mechanical properties in the environment of minus 40 degrees Celsius to minus 60 degrees Celsius. explosion.

  5. Easy to clean, anti-static, anti-corrosion, easy to handle, shockproof, impact resistant, economical and durable, high reusability, and longer service life.