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Tilting Bucket

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Product Details

  The Rotomolding Inclined Bucket is a special type of hopper that can tip over short-distance conveying materials. A "bucket" shaped container is mounted on the body and can be flipped for easy unloading. It is suitable for short-distance transportation of various bulk materials such as sandstone, earthwork, coal, ore. It has strong power and usually has mechanical backfill function.

  The tilting bucket is formed by rotomolding and has the following advantages:

  1. Polyethylene raw material is rotationally molded, acid, alkali and corrosion resistant;

  2. One-piece plastic structure, tough and durable, can withstand various external impacts;

  3. The box mouth is thickened and reinforced, which can be used with mechanical lifting devices or sanitation vehicles;

  4. The bottom of the barrel is specially strengthened, which is not easy to collapse, deform and wear, and prolong the service life of the product;