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Floor Washing Machine

Floor Washing Machine

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  The rotomolding washing machine is a cleaning equipment that sucks up the sewage during the ground cleaning and takes the sewage away from the site. The roasting process is integrally formed by the rotomolding process, which has the following advantages:

  1. One-piece molding, more beautiful

  2. Hand push and cab, semi-automatic and fully automatic, etc. can be customized processing

  3. The texture is tough and safe, the corners of the product are thickened, light and tough, easy to handle, shockproof and impact resistant.

  4, clean and beautiful: the appearance of the streamline is not easy to be dirty, can easily remove dirt.

  5, economical and durable: one-piece molding without bonding, not easy to break, compared with wood, iron similar products, longer service life, can be recycled many times, reducing costs.

  6. Never leak: It adopts one-time rotomolding molding, and the wall thickness is uniform to avoid the problem of damage and leakage forever.


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Add:No.186, Lane 125, Wushuang Road, Huating East Industrial Zone, Jiading District, Shanghai,China