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  Compared with other plastic container products, the rotomolding process products are characterized by no seams and no injection ports, because the products of the rotomolded box containers are made by rotational molding, unlike other plastic products, and some are components for making plastic products. After welding and assembly. The rotomolding process product has no gaps and uniform wall thickness, and can be evenly stressed when the articles are loaded, so that the service life is increased and it is not easily damaged. Here, Shanghai Chunxu introduces you to the characteristics of the rotomolded box container.
  The advantages of a rotomolded box container are:
  1. Tough texture: It adopts new imported polyethylene as the main raw material, which is light and tough, easy to handle, shockproof and impact resistant.
  2. good resistance: excellent resistance to corrosion of various acids and alkalis.
  3. clean and beautiful: the appearance of the streamline is not easy to be dirty, can easily remove dirt.
  4. economical and durable: one-piece molding without bonding, not easy to break.
  5. heat and frost resistance: good heat and frost resistance, rotomolding products can be filled with foaming materials to achieve insulation and refrigeration.
  6. never leak: using a single rotational molding, can always save the problem of leakage.
  The disadvantages of rotomolded box containers are:
  1. Rotomolding process A production tool can only produce one product in a single time, and cannot mass produce the product;
  2. It takes a long time, and the production time of a product is about half an hour to one hour;
  3. It is impossible to produce a small-volume product. Due to the rotation process, the rotomolding process cannot produce a small-sized box container;