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Rotomolding Tank

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Product Details

  The rotomolding tank is integrally molded by a rotomolding process and has the following characteristics compared with the traditional iron tank:

  1. One-piece molding, seamless, no welding, impact resistance, no leakage.

  2. Imported cross-linked polyethylene has excellent environmental stress cracking resistance and weather resistance, good low temperature toughness, excellent heat resistance, and can be used for a long time below 100 °C - 110 °C.

  3. Light weight and corrosion resistance.

  4. It can produce various fuel tank products with different shapes and complex structures.

  5. Will not explode. Metal fuel tanks are prone to explosions in the event of a fire and are highly dangerous. Since the plastic fuel tank is made of high molecular weight polyethylene, the thermal conductivity is very low, only 1% of the metal. At the same time, the high molecular weight polyethylene is elastic and rigid, and is less prone to sparking when impact and friction occur.