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Rotational Mold

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  A mold for the processing of rotational molding products. The materials of rotomolding molds mainly include forged aluminum molds, aluminum alloy casting molds and sheet metal molds. Compared with other molds, rotomolding molds have the following advantages:

  1. The cost is lower. Compared with molds (injection molding) of other processes, the cost is mostly 1/2--1/3 or less.

  2. The design space is large. Can make more complex shaped parts.

  3. The products produced by rotomolding molds are more free in color selection. When it is necessary to change the color of the product, it is only necessary to clean the molding die after the color matching is completed.

  4. It is suitable for the production of multi-variety and small batch plastic products.

  5. The outer surface can be specially treated according to customer requirements. For example, in the skin texture, outer surface treatment, and the like.

  6. Suitable for different sizes of molds, especially for molding large and extra large parts.

  7. Suitable for processing large shapes, especially large hollow products with complex shapes.

  8. The product thickness of the product produced by rotomolding mold is relatively more uniform and more durable, and the product wall thickness can be adjusted according to the product requirements.